It is all about Teamwork

All of us bring our own story to the cooperation and we all are inspiring in our own way.

In Humastro we even remind you of who you are.  How on practical side on we make it happen?

Once we spike your interest and you contact us via e-mail or contact form, we do a short 15min session to understand your curiosity and present our concept. Astrology reading might not be everyone’s cup of tea and we want to ensure before any payment and spending time together, we can offer you what you after from it.

Once we reach an agreement during 15min chat and you decide you want to discuss your natal chart with us, let’s set expectations from both sides.

What is expected from us?

  • Sending you a more detailed contact form to complete and sign up for our concept
  • Sending you a Microsoft Teams or Zoom invite via e-mail
  • Conduct 60’ session in English or Serbian, whatever you prefer.
  • You can keep notes during session

What is expected from you?

  • Reach out first
  • Attend 15min free session with us to get to know each other
  • Complete the contact form
  • Perform the payment for the session. Type of payment – bank account deposit which will be provided upon agreement