Individual astrology reading seen as personal development
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Humastro as a concept of living

The Humastro concept was designed at the moment, when two of us, life partners, pressured by hard life situations, decided to help ourselves with astrology readings that we always had around.

Humastro concept was born as an outcome of our inspiration and astrology was the first topic we started discussing when we met each other. During years spent together and with deep introspection, we concluded that no matter how hard life can be, if we use the tools we have and we reach our expertise, we may manage to gain a better understanding of the obstacles and we can help in overcoming them. The obstacles will not magically disappear, but our resilience level will raise, and we will manage to deal with a challenge professionally and wisely.

How concept of living was born?

Experience from our life learnings, from our day-to-day occupations, engineering, human resources, project management, and communication. All this has frequently put us in front of people we were meeting who needed understanding. We started thinking a bit bigger about the idea, how can we contribute more to people around us?

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